Cassutt Sport/Racer

Manufacturing fixtures, hardware, software, drawings and Copyright for the CASSUTT IIIM   Copyright for Owl Racer and Renegade.  Stockbarger Wing Plans, Computers and CAD software.  Collection of historical documents. Welded fuselage frames, chrome moly tubing,  Click on the picture below to play movie of photo gallery.




Twisted Composites Prop– racing (New)

16 Cylinders 0-200

2 cases and 1 core 0-200

5 cranks 0-200

5 cams 0-200

6 magnetos & lots of parts

3 sets (4ea) pistons & rings

4” & 6” prop extensions

12 or more axles

4 crush plates

3 gas tanks

Too much hardware to list.

Lower Cowl & Belly Mold

4 complete Lower Cowls—fiberglass

Upper Cowl & Canopy Mold—4 complete Upper Cowls—fiberglass

12 Wheelpants

10 Wing Root Fairings

Carb Snorkel

8 Gear Leg Fairings

8 Brake Covers

Large Roll  5.5oz fiberglass cloth

Small Roll 5.5 oz fiberglass cloth

Medium Roll 10 oz fiberglass mat

Carbon Fiber Spinner Plates and Mold.


2 welded frames

1 project complete fiberglass skin.